Monday, 30 December 2019

Ultra Trail Running - My First 5 Years

OH WOW! It’s been 3 years since I posted an entry! During my last entry in 2016, I still had not completed any ultra trail races (those in Singapore with <1000m elevation didn’t count!) In 2015 there was a DNF in Lantau 50, in 2016 DNF in Sai Kung 50, and DNF in Lantau 50, again! 

Action Asia Lantau 50 HK, will always remember how the never-ending stairs brutally exposed my weakness in climbing.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

In Search Of The Lion

Hong Kong is full of hills, low and short enough to be summited in half a day. Lion Rock is one of them, a very walkable hill about 495m high, rated as number 52 highest out of 131 hills in HK (,_peaks_and_hills_in_Hong_Kong).

This post is not about directions on how to get to the peak. There are already a number of blog posts on directions, one of the better ones (which I referred to) is this post by Jean-Christophe Clement It gives you a very easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to get there and back. I'll instead take you through the experiences and sights of my 4-hr trek, from Wong Tai Sin MTR Station to the peak and back.

Following the directions out of Wong Tai Sin MTR Station, we started our 1hr hike to the trail entrance. What the blog doesn't say is the hike to the trail entrance is mostly upslope. Although it was a paved road, the very warm day which we chose to hike in made it more tiring than it should be. 

Sunny day for a hike
Best day for hanging clothes out to dry

Sunday, 4 December 2016

A little fishing village called Tai O

Lantau Island is an island west of Hong Kong Island and it's well known for many things. When you fly into Hong Kong, you will first arrive in Lantau, for the international airport is here. For most tourists, Ngong Ping (where the Big Buddha is) and Disneyland are a must-go. Its City Gate Mall is known to shoppers as the place with the various discounted outlets. Hikers and trail runners will love (and hate) Lantau Peak and Sunset Peak. 

Just as famous as those mentioned before is a little fishing village of Tai O. Tai O means large inlet, referring to the outlet for the waterways of Tai O creek and Tai O river. Legends say that Tai O used to be a hotbed for piracy and smuggling activities.